Nocturnal Sunshine – Meant To Be

Nocturnal Sunshine makes what I can only describe as the peng. And not only that, but she’s a she. A Maya Jane Coles to be exact. And of course, she’s from the UK… London and yeah wot blad?

Sometimes this cat produces and sings as Maya Jane Coles… sometimes she just gets down and darker with her pseudo-side, the Nocturnal Sunshine. Sick name btw.

Maya Jane Cole (AKA Nocturnal Sunshine)

This tune was released earlier on this year and, although having had it in my vast musical collection, I haven’t actually paid it much attention at all. I keep forgetting that it exists, finding it, thinking; “Ooo, what’s this tune?”, dropping it in the mix and then going; “Offt, this tune!!”. Finally decided to give it the credit it deserves.

It’s a DJ Kicks release and as per the norm with DJ Kicks, it delivers on a very high and supremely alternative standard.

Get on it and whilst you’re at it, listen to this – Karin Park – Thousand Loaded Guns (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix)



Your thoughts?

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