an Interview with Altered Sky

Altered Sky

Scottish pop-rock band Altered Sky are made up of Ana Nowosielska, Amy Blair, Neil Ramsay, Richard Passe, and Ross Archibald, and gave me their time to answer a couple of questions on what they’ve been up to since they formed in 2010…

Hey guys, you’ve been touring all over the UK this year, which show has been your favourite so far? 

I think Portsmouth has definitely been the highlight of both tours. Each show was at the Cellars in Eastney, which is such a cool venue, and they were packed with enthusiastic people loving the show, it was great.

So how did Altered Sky come about, how did you all meet? 

We were all friends of friends to be honest. Ana and Amy were, and still are, inseparable, while Ross, Rich and Neil pretty much grew up together playing cricket. Ross then met Ana and the group came together.

You’ve been compared a lot to bands like Paramore and We Are The In Crowd, do you take inspiration from them or do your musical influences come from elsewhere?

The Paramore thing is something that will be with us forever we think haha. We do listen to everything Paramore does as the band has been a great influence on us the past two years, and, obviously, because we have a female vocalist it’s natural for people to connect our music with other female-fronted band’s material. Our main musical influences, however, come from surprising places such as video game series like Final Fantasy and Silent Hill. Even sometimes Sonic the Hedgehog! 

 What is your favourite song from your EP to perform live and why?

Tricky one…we really love them all to be honest. Each one has its own quirks and personality for the stage, allowing us to really get into each song in our own way.

Talk me through the song-writing process, do you each write stuff separately then put it all together or is it usually a group writing session? 

Largely, it’s Ana who writes the material on her own, including the lyrics. She’ll bring songs to the practice room (normally in their entirety) and the full band will get loud and bash them out, making changes as we go along, each person having input until we all feel the finished article is…well, finished.

Any plans for a full-length album in the near future?

Definite recording plans for the very near future, not telling what’s in store though! You’ll have to wait and see :D

For anyone reading this who may not have heard of your band, three reasons why they should go and check you out?

We’re lovely.

We give amazing hugs.

You MIGHT just like our music too…

Finally, the ultimate question… Pirates or Ninjas?

Pirates, obviously. Mmmm…Johnny Depp…

Check out Altered Sky’s latest music video for ‘I Know You Know’



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