The Last of Us

So you remember Naughty Dog right?

Yeah that’s right, those guys. Back in those amazing Playstation (yeah… just… Playstation) days. For those of you that still aren’t quite getting a full on nostalgic jolt from that there image, or perhaps you have had the jolt but can’t quite place the name…

Ahh Hell Yeah! Them’s Naughty Dog!!! Crash freakin’ Bandicoot!! Those good ol’ days!!?!? You must remember now!?

Good. I thought so.

Anyway, it would be great to have a good ol’ Playstation/Bandicoot reminisce but that’s not what this post is about. Oh no. Because Naughty Dog’s done a lot of growing up since the days of our box bouncing, tortoise spinning, orange buddy here. Yeah these guys busted out the Uncharted series which, by the way, I hear is an incredible series and more than definitely worth a play. Amazing graphics, physics and gameplay that top most on the market, with one hell of a story to complete. It was described to me as Indiana Jones but much, much better. Not really my sort of thing, treasure and that, but I did get shown some powerful gameplay footage that definitely tickled my appreciation buds.

However it wasn’t until I was introduced to The Last of Us that my appreciation buds, along with desperate want, awe and power buds were completely set to max. I’ve never been mad on Third Person Shooters. Not crazy on adventure games. But this? Well, this is a whole new level of Third Person Shooter… a completely different realm of Adventure game.

Just check this demo, it’ll change your opinion of gaming, it’ll change the way you believe that NPCs should behave, it’ll raise your gaming bar so high that too many games that you currently own will fall miserably short and end up being stomped to shattered death in woeful disappointment.

It’s a slow environment driven start, but please, even if you’re an easily bored graphics ignoring loser, I beg you hold tight for the action, it’s so worth the wait.

I’m going to have to buy a Ps3 just so that I can play this game. Sorry Xbox, but I’m sure you understand.

The amazing thing about this game is that, although it seemingly has a one directional route, there is still the opportunity to take certain doorways and use alternative rooms to get to your end location. But seemingly every doorway and room that you choose, something crazy as shit will happen. These intelligent NPCs will chase you, run from you, hide from you, trick you… it goes on. I can’t really explain but if you fiended out on that demo as much as I did then I’m sure you’ll be willing to donate another 15 minutes of your life to watch the same level being demoed again, but in a whole new way…

Extended Demo

Oh and it’s not just bad guy gang mans after you either. No there’s a slightly I Am legend type reason behind the whole last of us theme going on too…

I’ll leave you with the trailer, I have nothing left to say, I’m still busy pining for the release.



Your thoughts?

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