Metal Fingers – Special Herbs

Metal Fingers is another moniker of the artist most commonly known as MF DOOM, and this guy has released some of the strangest hip-hop I’ve ever heard in my life. His Special Herbs series are a bit more easy listening than some of his other stuff and are made up of ten volumes of instrumental tracks produced by DOOM, released between 2001 and 2005. Although I’m not mad on all of the stuff in these albums, it’s well worth searching through it just for the moment when you first hear tracks like Arrow Root, Styrax Gum or Peach Extract.

As for the rest of DOOMs work I feel like I’ve not listened to as much as I should have, but maybe that’s just because there’s so much of it released under so many names over the years. But still I feel I couldn’t mention him in an article without posting this tune from the new album Key to the Kuffs, (brought to my attention by none other than Nicole Crentsil).



Your thoughts?

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