Anthony Valadez – Just Visiting


I discovered Anthony Valadez during a search for a song I heard in a Daphni mix (seriously good listen). The song turned out to be only available in a $30 (US?) digital album and as much as I am trying to be an honest supporter of music, I couldn’t quite commit to pay that much for files, hard-copy perhaps… However it also turned up in a Spring 2012 Personal Favourites mix by Valadez which is packed with obscure and off-the-beaten-track music. So I checked out his site and he’s got it going on! Seems to be a guy with great taste doing his thing: “Just a dude with a camera, blog and some records.”

A little more digging and I found he has an album out! Naturally I had to check it out, and wow it is smooth as silk. Beautiful laid back melodies, with a load of soulful guest vocals. What a guy…

Cop his album and check out his site – loads of cool stuff on there.

Support the music you love ok!

Vince Art.


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