If you asked any musically inclined blog contributor what the most important tool they have at their disposal is, they would undoubtedly tell you it’s their internet access. Unfortunately I’ve been without this commodity for the past few months, and rather than jumping from the highest building I could find as most people would,  I thought I’d soldier on to post you some of the finest music I have available to me.

First up is Pedestrian, one of my favourite producers of the past year or so. With a vast array of influences from D&B to Hip-Hop to the works of genius producers like Brian Eno, his music is as varied as the list of artists he looks up to would suggest.

The first track I have to show you is also the first I heard by Pedestrian, and probably still my favourite today, Hei Poa. Its eastern sounding melodies bounce around the mix in an ocean of warm reverb as distorted unintelligible vocals chat away. Yeah this tunes unreal.

He’s also contributed a fair few remixes to artists such as Maribou State, Gang Colours, Emeli Sande and Lauryn Hill, but my favourite has to be his Pirate Radio Remix of the Djrum tune Mountains Pt 1. With elements of dubstep and garage this mad tune shows he is more than capable when it comes to making heavier stuff, and wait for the second drop, it’s almost too much.

I could list Pedestrian tunes you should listen to all day but you’d probably be better off getting down to the Bodega in Nottingham on the 1st December where he’ll be playing at Sounddhism alongside an array of live bands including the 9 piece Dub/Reggae band, the Resonators.



Your thoughts?

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