Makes Black Ops 2 look like a scared wet possum crying in a ditch.

Meet Crytek; the game development company with the best god damn gaming engine in the whole freakin’ world; the CryEngine.

This baby has been pumping out the very pinnacle of Benchmark Graphics and Physics in the world of gaming since its very birth. These puppies are the master minds behind 2004’s Far Cry. Now I’ve got the 2nd edition of Far Cry and I can tell you, aside from the Graphics being astounding, that game is fucking hard man. So in my lazy uni state, I’m very ashamed to say, I gave up playing it. But hey, wandering around a barren desert with nothing but a rifle and a life threatening disease for company wasn’t quite my cup of tea. Especially when it only took two or three bullets to take you down… just like in real life.

So it wasn’t until recently that my eyes were truly opened to the power of Crytek… so much fakking power…

2007, combined with the awesome power of a new CryEngine, brought the release of some sort of multiple-gaming-orgasm; Crysis. (Are you seeing the Cry pattern here btw?… Crytek, CryEngine, Far Cry, Crysis… And they’ve got other games too; RyseWarface… ok so Warface is the odd-one-out but it was their first FPS ok? They didn’t realise that using Ys over Is was so fucking cool back then.)

Another thing that my eyes were recently opened to was the power of gaming on PC over the seemingly feeble power of gaming consoles, e.g. Xbox 360 & PS3. I was always aware that my Laptop and old PC were shit for gaming, I had some pretty decent strategy games, the Lord of the Ring’s Battle for Middle Earth & Warhammer’s Dawn of War, both of which ran terribly even when on minimum graphics. Which obviously made me aware that there must be some incredibly powerful bad ass mo-fo computers out there that can run these massive games on max graphics. Little did I know that gaming consoles had no where near the power of these über computers and Crysis is one of the many games that cannot truly be appreciated for all of its amazing graphic qualities until played out on Max Settings through a shitting powerful PC.

Be amazed at Cryteks Graphic abilities in 2007…

So yeah, Crysis; huge fuck-off great Free Roam island map with Free to Play Campaign Story and accompanying mini-missions and side quests and awesome robot suit voice etc. It’s a First Person Shooter. It’s the not too distant future (I think… maybe not… you have the crazy ass suit so I guess not too distant future but I could be horrendously wrong). You’re a soldier. You’ve gotta shoot some bad guys and save the day. Pretty simple right? Nothing too special no? Aside from, of course, the overwhelmingly powerful graphics (released five years ago… five fucking years ago…) that are still used today by game development companies across the globe as the “OK so is our game anywhere near as good as this…” bar. But yeah other than stupidly good graphics this is pretty much Far Cry but in a new place yeah? Just another Free Roaming shooter right?…


Crysis – Official Launch Trailer HD

Excited? I fucking know right?

So bet you didn’t see that one coming. “Oh the guys that made that really realistic and hard game in Africa or some shit where you can shoot cows and drive jeeps that eventually break down… woo fun…” (It is fun man, Far Cry is awesome, hard but awesome). “And oh look, a picture of some nice tropical islands, a soldier running around shooting bad guys on an island that will also be really hard and there’ll probably be more cows to shoot and your gun will break but with better graphics… woo… double fun…)…

So yeah, seriously. Freakin’ giant crazy aliens!? “Maximum speed”!? “Maximum strength!?!?” MAXIMUM CLOAK”!?!?! MAXIMUM FUCKING GREAT GAMING WHAAAAAAT!?!?! It’s like Skyrim meets COD meets Lost Planet all in one but with much better graphics and gameplay than all of them put together. And trust me, I know, I’m Skyrim crayzay, and that game’s graphics blow me away ten-fold but seriously, it’s the physics and interactivity on these Cry Engine mo-fuckers that boggle my bogglers to the point of boglamaty. Every single plant, building, tree, person, rock, whatever; it’s all collapsible, it all moves, it’s all so crisp, so clear, so smooth, so peng, so five years old……..

Welcome to four years on, welcome to the CryEngine 3…

Crysis 2 – Offical Launnch Trailer HD & Official Story Trailer HD

Holy. Shit.

So they just threw a bit of Fallout style, City Apocalypse, world gone to shit, massive huge great war for humanity story into the mix and the graphics just got even better.

I know that aliens, end of the world, city falling apart, mankind on the brink of destruction and you being the last remaining hope is nothing remotely close to original but who gives a god damn shit when you can go from running faster than a car to strong enough to lift and throw the car all within a matter of seconds?

I remember hearing about/reading about Crysis in the 2006/2007 period. I remember being shown screen shots compared with real camera shots that Crytek had used to model their graphics on, being asked to guess which one was the real image and which one was the computer generated… I got a lot of those shots wrong man… a lot of them. I remember being shown walking models of the characters as the level of the terrain they were walking on changed and how the models movements and body changed (like a human would readjust their body balance in real life) to stay up-right. I was blown away. But like many great things I see online, I soon just forgot, remembering every now and again. Until of course now, and I’m so happy that I’ve been re-introduced.

Enter 2012. The latest release.

Crysis 3 – Official Launch Trailer HD & Official CryEngine 3 Tech Trailer HD

I know man. I know. It’s so good. So, so, so good. It’s all gone a bit Halo but without being Halo at all and being 100% Crysis. It’s a game of outstanding graphics, just absolutely outstanding. Mind blowing. Too much. Unfortunately I still haven’t finished Skyrim yet so it’ll have to wait but I can assure you that when I’ve gotten myself a high-end nerd computer (also to go hard on some extreme mixing & production software), I will get these games and I will smash them out with no-holds-bard.

I know for well that I’ll get Black Ops 2, I’ll love it as well, it’s going to be an amazing game.

But right now. This is all I think of COD.



3 thoughts on “Crysis

  1. Man that guy is always welcome, I hate to be the other guy with his facts completely in the shitter. Sorry dude I’ve just been relaying what I’ve been told from the guy that showed me all the Crysis stuff. My only research is… well I have no research.

    Oh really? See I’ve never played the first Far Cry… does 2 not follow on at all in any way? And is the Crysis story somehow involved in the first Far Cry then? And how’d they lose the rights!?

    That’s fair play man. Why no standings for Crysis? From what I’ve seen, it looks awesome….?


    • You know, I’m not really sure what happened with the rights, but there’s a Gamespot article that says Crytek sold them. I have a feeling they just wanted to move on to another property and out of whatever deal they had with Ubisoft to publish Far Cry games. But don’t quote me on that.

      And yeah, Far Cry 2 basically has nothing to do with the original, unless you count the fact that they both involve shooting dudes in beautiful, foliage-heavy environments. That’s about it. Far Cry 2 is all open-world, mission-based stuff with an emphasis on realism. Far Cry was more linear storytelling, sci-fi stuff, with a mad scientist and genetic mutations… that sort of thing. Crysis doesn’t actually continue anything of Far Cry’s story either, but it’s got that sci-fi-ness and tropical island stuff going on.

      So why didn’t I like Crysis? I don’t know; it just didn’t float my boat. I can recognize solid gameplay and a mindblowing engine when I see them, though, so it gets my props there.


  2. Josh, Josh, Josh… I hate to be That Guy, but…

    Just for the record, Far Cry 2 was developed by a completely different studio, somebody at Ubisoft, after Crytek lost the rights to the them. So Crysis is more of a sequel to Far Cry than anything with the actual Far Cry name will ever be.

    I for one adored Far Cry 2, but I couldn’t stand Crysis. They’re definitely two completely different takes on the genre. I can’t help feeling intrigued by the trailers for Crysis 2 and 3, though. Maybe I should give the franchise another shot.


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