Hiatus Kaiyote


Haitus Kaiyote are a fresh young band from Melbourne, Australia, and really I feel like all this needs no description: it is just sincerely gorgeous indie/electronic soul music. I was blown away from first listen of their debut album Tawk Tomahawk. I pressed play on track one and tripped out through the whole album, which felt like too short a ride through some divine fantasy, and when it came to a close I snapped out of my confused trance and clicked play again.

Singer Nai Palm’s voice is so sweet and easy on the ear, and she bobs and weaves through chords in a magical way, with similar elegance to Frank Ocean I feel!

They only have their album out digitally on Bandcamp, but communicating with the band they have said a re-release in physical form is due for the end of the year – can’t wait to get my hands on a hard copy.

Stream and buy the album!

Thanks to a friend for sharing this band with me.

Support the music you love,

Vince Art


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