Chill the Belt Sundays

Björk – All is Full of Love

A slightly darker Chill the Belt Sundays this week as Icelandic songstress, Björk, takes us on a journey through the struggles and realisation of love through the obvious choice, Lesbian Robots.

Na but seriously, beautiful song, beautiful video, beautiful artist. Björk goes deep. Which, as I’ve said many times before, is what we’re all about here on Bite the Belt. She’s an artist that I’d love to see live, I’ve caught glimpses of live video footage of her performances and girl is passionate about her music.

Released in 1999, I’m sure it’s a track that many of the kids of my generation (the 90s babies) all remember. I’m very sure that the furiously emotional wailings of Björk are embedded deep into the musical memory of almost all creatures that surpassed the decade.

Big love.

Get in touch with your inner Björk –



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