Electronic Bite Fridays

I Don’t Usually Like MC’s But

It’s Fucking Friday man!!!

DRS. Geezer’s an MC. I Don’t Usually Like MC’s But. One of the best album titles I’ve heard in a long time. One of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time.

It’s true and it’s not like I’m kicking the shit out of a dead horse on this one, but a lot of MC’s are wank. You see them all the time at festivals, dancing about on stage, repeating the same phrases and words over and over again, thinking that they’re the main attraction, the odd burst of some cliché ‘bars’ about bunnin’ the sensi and being a badman that you’ve heard a thousand times before. But it’s all bullshit!

Fair play to Grime MC’s, there’s a bomb of talent there and if I go to some dirty Playaz night at Fabric then there’s nothing more perfect, over the noise of the grinding and screaming reeces, than the in-audible slew of a flat peak donning white boy. But on the whole, Drum & Bass has had a hard old time with being the home to a lot of terrible MC’s and the lack of decent MC’s leaves little choice for event holders to do nothing more than throw what shit that they’re given onto the mike and hope that the music’s loud enough to drown them out.

That is, until someone like DRS steps in to regain control…

DRS has been donning the mikkle for about 15 odd years. It all began back in the early 90’s Manchester Hardcore scene, spitting for Marcus Intalex and, almost two decades later, the man’s still going strong. Strong like a Donnalong. And this album is the example.

I Don’t Usually Like MC’s But is not only a wet dream for me in terms of lyrical content, but music wise, even from a fleeting glance of the producers chosen to work with, you know that DRS’s taste is on point. Absolute point. Man knows his D&B.

Check it:

Dub Phizix, Lynx, dBridge, Genotype, Fox, S.P.Y, Marcus Intalex, Lenzman, Jenna G, Jehst, Calibre, Riya, Enei, Strategy, Chimpo… it goes on.

This album, for me, is straight up there in the “Drum & Bass must-haves”, it’s everything that I love in Drum & Bass and everything that I love in MC’s. Intelligent through & through, production & lyrics.




Your thoughts?

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