∆ Alt-J – An Awesome Wave ∆


Alt-J are one of the most talked-about new bands this year, and their attention from the media has risen tenfold since they won the Mercury Prize at the beginning of November. When their debut album, An Awesome Wave, was released in May, no-one really sat up and noticed, so I’m glad it’s finally sparking interest because it’s a work of musical genius.

When I first heard the album, I didn’t get it at all; it was too random for me to even comprehend. However, something about it made me listen to it again… And again. This alternative quartet from Leeds has fused indie folk rock with elements of dub and a truckload of experimental sounds, making for an unforgettable listen. Seriously, most of the songs will get stuck in your head forever, especially singles Breezeblocks and Fitzpleasure.

In an attempt to describe the album, I’d say it’s made up of unusual drum patterns, clever literary references and a unique voice. The vocal harmonies are utter perfection, particularly on Tessellate and from what I’ve seen on the Youtube machine, the whole band play absolutely flawless live. One of the best things about Alt-J is that each member has their individual importance in every single song; although there may be a lead singer, there isn’t that sense that he represents the group or is the only one that people want to see, as is common with a lot of other bands. They deserve so much more recognition for their creative lyrics, beautiful interludes and general brilliancy.

Alt-J’s wave is awesome, and I’m placing this album up in my top three releases of 2012.

I suggest you do too.



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