YO this is fLako


fLako is a beat maker with bewitching soul flowing through his music. Born in Chile, grown in Germany, and currently living here in London, I was fortunate enough to watch him deliver a captivating live performance on Saturday at Plastic People. Arranging all his own productions and remixes in elegant fashion as well as singing subtle melodies, he had the floor packed, bumping and grinding for a solid hour and half. It sounded faaantastic, and besides the club mc (?) interjecting with “strict liveness” and other out of place tidbits – which were mostly hilarious to be honest – it was a roller coaster of smoothness and raw deliverance.

The Mesektet is essential listening, a collection of beats with seemingly simple constructions on the face, but each with a unique quality and discerning beauty. Sprinkled with weird and wonderful samples along with DIlla, Busta, and Doom vocal snippets, listening through is like a strictly blissful unhinged glide through Fantasia, great stuff! Damn the artwork is beautiful too, like all of his records. (If anyone knows where I can get a copy of the 12″ please let me know!!).

I must repeat, the feeling and expression in this guy’s music has an innate and effortless beauty that hits me where it hurts – in the best possible way – and along with his double Dirg Gerner they are putting out nothing but quality. fLako is about to release his Eclosure EP through Five Easy Pieces on November 19, do the right thing and get yourself the record, or any of his previous releases for that matter, you won’t regret it! You can catch him again at The Lightbox in London – which looks like one hell of a trip – November 23 supporting Machinedrum. Be there to soak up the goodness.

Leftover freebies (click to download)

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