Baauer – Harlem Shake

I love how this font starts off big then all of a sudden gets really small.

As this is my first post on the famous Bite the Belt, I feel I need to come in with something big, something a bit dirty. Something that’s gonna tear your house down (true story).

Like a Boxer walking into the ring, or a DJ coming on for his highly anticipated first set, it’s all about the fear factor. First impressions are everything. So I’m going in with the ultimate kill. Maybe even a headshot….

Brooklyn-based Baauer is a 22-year-old DJ/producer who makes house music that sounds like hip-hop. He’s a young pioneer of this new Trap vibe that we have oozing into our delicate UK ears. His stuff is heavy, its clever, its got some tasty samples and if you do happen to be listening to this masterpiece whilst highly intoxicated on any sort of substance, you will most probably enter cardiac arrest.

All heavy bass and filthy drops, Baauer’s sounds take you on a dark journey into a dingy basement club which is exactly where I first heard him. FABRIC. That’s right, a few hundred Londoners rendering a chorus of “Oh, Shit!” really did make my ears implode with belief in such a well produced tune that is the magnificent ‘Harlem Shake’.

It’s a bamboozling combination of sonar synths and snares, woven together with a lion’s roar sample and warped vocals urging all within proximity to “Do the Harlem Shake.”

But enough of what I think, see for yourself. Turn down the lights, turn up the volume and do whatever else tickles your fancy, but enjoy……Baauer……Harlem Shake…..

Now, a quiz:

Did you?

  1. Nod your head back and forth in a sign of approval
  2. Enter cardiac arrest
  3. Hate it

If you didn’t go for answer 3. then please continue reading.

If you did choose answer 3. then please leave.

So there we are, that’s my tune. Well not my tune but the tune I love at the minute and the tune I wanted to share with all you beautiful readers. You may have already heard it. You may have even had a similar experience to the one that I had in the basement of a heaving London club. But if this is your first listen, then I’m sure there’s something we can both agree on, Baauer is an extremely talented producer, he does have something unique about his sound and he will, most definitely, be popping up and creating some magic in clubs near you.

I’ve been Henry. You’ve been my wonderful audience. Bringing you head bopping tunes since, well, today?



Your thoughts?

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