the Gem Sack no. 14

Young Magic

A Psychadelic, Lo-Fi, Electro, Indie three-piece from Brooklyn, NY. Young Magic.

These guys are a prime example of everything shiny in music. Beautifully organic instrumentation but with all the electronic effects of an active switch-board.

As with pretty much all of the Gem Sack posts, I’m as new to these guys as you are. I would have heard them briefly at work, noted that they were amazing and saved them pretty much until now. This post is as much of a (re-)discovery to me as it is to you, so sadly I can’t really give you any interesting facts on what’s going on with the band, but I can tell you that they’re awesome… and that’s all that really matters right?



3 thoughts on “the Gem Sack no. 14

  1. Ack–

    I keep trying to give the album on their Young Magic’s Bandcamp a good listen, but I feel like I can’t find the time to tackle the whole thing in one sitting. And what I’ve heard so far gives the impression this is the sort of music you need to give some time to sink in. It’s one of those bands that I’m not sure I quite get at first, but those tend to be the ones I fall head over heels for eventually.

    As an aside… man, I don’t know how you find so much great music to post about. You’re so active on here I can barely keep up.


    • Yeah man they’ve got a real spaced out sound. Something a little mystical about them. Definitely need to give them some time.

      Well dude, you may have not noticed (working on making it more noticeable as we speak) but we’ve expanded. The blog’s, in the past couple of weeks, gone from just little old me to little old me a collection of five new writers, all bang on their music.

      That’s the secret to mass activity, get mass music heads on board. Glad you’re liking it man! I’m gunna be posting up that glitch video man, some real surreal but beautiful stuff, love your posts dude and I’ll link your page in the glitch post.



      • Ooh dang. I didn’t even notice the different authors over there in the margin. Well, that makes me feel a little bit better about my own productivity.


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