She Brings the Rain


Listening to BBC 6 on Sunday, Jarvis Cocker played a string of songs thematically tuned for the grizzly and unpleasant weather outside. He introduced this one with a deep and passionate tone, “she certainly did bring the rain…”

A revision of a Can classic from their original singer Malcolm Mooney, it has a wondrous beauty with a thick yet mellow thrumming rhythm – thanks Jarvis you rustic music guru you. Follow the link, buy the record, support the label – I know they suffered somewhat at the hands of Hurricane Sandy in NYC – DO IT!!

If you have no knowledge of Krautrock or Can, definitely take the plunge. Check the joints Vitamin C and Mushroom, and away you go!

Bonus rainy day tunes:

Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stand The Rain (1974)
Stereolab – Velvet Water (1999)
Tom Waits – A Little Rain (for Clyde) (1992)

Vince Art


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