The Curve Ball – 01

Jabu – via astro:dynamics

Ok ok ok, so I heard some of this for the first time via ye olde Factmag, and I say ‘some’ because after the first few seconds of track 1 I skipped to track 2. Upon which, I skipped to track 3. Then, I skipped to track 5. Following this, I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Later that day, I ranted at a large number of people (separately, of course – I don’t hold group sessions) about how minimalism is putting decent producers out of work; how easy it is to pretend that you thought really hard about something that is nothing; how the steady improvement of technology seems to be inversely proportional to how much effort goes into the using of it; how big moon-like eyes set in a straight face WHILST SEEMING TO IMPLY a childlike understanding of understatement ACTUALLY CONCEALS a massive amount of egotism; how the music industry is filled with emptily posturing conceptual bananas that are greedily slurped up by anybody who loves an enigmatic persona behind their flimsy sonics, which is everybody; in short, how we are ALL GOING TO DIE unsatisfied.

BUT I WAS WRONG – oops caps – but I was wrong. No, sorry, caps was right –

I am also fickle.

This record floats around my head like a pink mist. It suits the train; it suits the weather; it seems to reflect the sonic landscape of the city in the same way that a steamy morning mirror blurs your features; like the frosted bathroom window suggests the foxes in the garden. Pulling off an earphone in order to buy some fags is like sticking your head out from under the duvet. Its modern without shock. Its cool without slick.

The minimalism here is touching; conscientious; dexterous; not over-wrought. Fitting. If they’re using granular sampling, they’ve reinvented it. The sound doesn’t shatter, it envelopes like the skin on the water’s surface accepting another drop. It sounds live to me: sensitive responses; not cued-up and processed-out. Wide eyes because you’re so distracted by the gentle mesmeric loops you need all the light you can get to see by.

Them’s from Bristol.

Plus, it’ll be out on tape.

Erm so yeah, lubbly jubbly.

Word up?

Jabu stream at Factmag
Niche label astro:dynamics
astro:dynamics soundcloud



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