the Gem Sack


Gem Sack

“What..”, you may be asking, “is the Gem Sack?”…

Oh what? You mean other than being an endless metaphorical container of outstanding metaphorical crystal-like rocks of musical talent?

OK so previous work had me traveling the wilds of the music industry as a talent scout. I would make sure that I had all of my equipment before I set off each day; headphones, water, food, ears and most important of all… patience. I would travel far and wide, from venue to venue (online of course), blog to blog and almost anywhere in the vast expanse of the internet that held the sound of music. I was searching for a specified sound, enlisted to me by my employers, but along my journey I would encounter more than just these tight-nip genres. Oh I would hear all sorts of musical forms, the great roar of an unexpected Acid Jazz Dragon, swooping high above the tops of an old and un-maintained fan-site. I would have to battle through hours and hours worth of screaming Metal & Hard Rock banshees. I tread helplessly through the dusty baron wastelands of old Country Western, wobbling Americana & Bluegrass to fall blindly into a pit of dark smokey amature Reggae production.

It is true that on a rare occasion I would find my assigned sound. And I would speak to the creator, asking if they would join me in speaking to my elders. But it is true that I did not always love this sound and that I had found many amazing sounds that would not have been welcome in the house of my employer…

These sounds were small gems, little rocks of amazing musical form. I had found and left so many of them, desperate to find the sound that I had been set but one day I realised the horror of the crimes that I had been committing. I couldn’t believe that I had abandoned so many beautiful sounds. I vowed never to let such an atrocity happen ever again. With the power of my Notepad (the programme) and a trusty Sack (in my mind) I could collect and collate these gems, never to be lost again.

Each journey I set out on I would return, always, with at least one new gem for the collection. Even if I hadn’t found anything to the taste of my employer, I had always found something to the taste of myself and that was always good enough for me, especially considering the fact that I wasn’t being paid for my work. I worked for experience and so I paid myself with music.

At the end of my scouting days I had collected a great sum of gems. My Sack was bulging, my Notepad had pages of new music and I was a happy man.

Here I finally have a place to share my collection of musical gems. And here I have been. I’ve already posted up numbers 1 – 12 but I kept forgetting to mention that they were all a part of a collection, gathered on travels hard. So now, I deliver you a brand new feature to Bite the Belt.

Hold on to your seats kids because I’m whipping out the Gem Sack!!

Previous entries from the Gem Sack:

  1. Aaron Thompson
  2. Giraffage
  3. Cold Specks
  4. Here We Go Magic
  5. Keep Shelly In Athens
  6. Long Walks On The Beach
  7. Bam Spacey
  8. Falcon Lake
  9. Roadkill Ghost Choir
  10. Waterstrider
  11. The Secret Whistle
  12. Module



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