the Gem Sack no. 13

Mansions On The Moon

Indie, indie, indie, indie, indie-pop, rock, indie indie, electro, pop, indie, indie, indie-rock, indie indie, indie-pop, electro-rock, indie, indie, dreamwave, chillwave, indie, indie indie……

Mansions on the fucking Moon Man!!! Real good stuff!!

So they’re this fun-time four-piece, currently residing in Los Angeles and man oh man do they make you feel good. It’s that high-end breathy vocals of whimsical charm, combined with the fuzzy electrical layers of brightly coloured synth that all mould down into one big ride of indie good times that no one can really go without. Everything this band touches is laced with fun and smiles. Get locked in.

Mansions on the Web –
Mansions on the Cloud –
Mansions on your Face –



2 thoughts on “the Gem Sack no. 13

  1. Now you’re speaking my language. She Makes Me Feel didn’t really float my boat (I think it’s the autotune-y stuff that turns me off) but the rest is just lovely. This band will require some more investigation…


    • Oh there’s plenty more to come man, I think the Gem Sack goes on to near 100 as a collection. It’s all varied but keep watching the space incase I press a few more of your buttons.

      I’ve been putting on a real poor show in terms of checking out the other blogs I follow. Processor on my Laptop’s near dead so any task is a challenge but this was the prompt I needed to get back on the social line of blogging.

      Be seeing you on the Digitaleidoscope my friend



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