Electronic Bite Fridays

Zero T – Roxy Music

This has been one of my favorite tunes for a couple of weeks now and the official video only had its debut release on the second of this month.

The track has had MASSIVE support from Drum & Bass DJ’s across the entire board be it radio play or seamlessly tied into a set. This track is receiving love. And it fucking deserves it.

Soul Deep is how I’d describe it. Soul Deep is how I’d describe almost every layer of the track. The piano chords, the vocals, the sub-layer, the drums, the melody… all of it. It’s warm, it’s deep, it’s sad, it’s moving, it’s a rolling beat, it’s the sort of track that you play the whole way through in a set, start to finish, it’s liquid in its entire form… and I love it.

It is the Self Titled lead track of Zero T’s Roxy Music EP, a Dispatch release, (Dispatch being possibly one of my new Favorite new labels, alongside Samurai & Soul-R) and is also his own personal (and the Label’s) homage to a much loved club in Vienna, called Roxy, which was a venue that played host to many aspiring Liquid DJ’s from the mid 2000’s onwards.

Demo the Roxy Music EP here

The EP features appearances from Stamina MC, Khanage & Script and is available on Digital Release ONLY.

You can get a hold of your own copy here




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