The Hook Up – 04

Poliça – Lay Your Cards Out

Uh. Oh. Fuck. What a voice. What a song. What a tune. What a vibe. What a fuckin’ babe. This tune just makes me wanna bang this chick. It’s some powerful stuff. I can’t really even explain why it is the way it is. Maybe it’s that bass guitar. Maybe it’s the vocal layers. Maybe it’s the dancing. maybe it’s everything? I think it’s everything.

Poliça is an American Indie Rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota and they’ve got some real sound about them. I don’t know what to call it. Indie Electro R&B Soul Rock? But whatever it is, I like it. It’s good. The name Poliça is Polish for politics which is apparently some sort of un-spoken code that speaks out through the bands writing and practice. Music politics I assume.

They’re fucking awesome and a sublime hook up from none other than the Rom Dog!

You don’t know who that is do you?…… but I do.

Poliça dot Com –
Poliça dot Cloud –
Poliça dot Book –


p.s. Why has no one done a liquid Drum & Bass remix of this track yet? Please, any decent producer, get on it.


Your thoughts?

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