The Hook Up – 03

Delilah – Inside My Love (Redlight Remix)

I’ve never given Delilah the attention that she deserves. I’ve loved every single tune that she’s done. Or at least I’ve heard an amazing remix of every tune that she’s done.

Inside My Love was released in June this year and my days do I love the reminiscence of those vocals. Jean Jacques Smoothie – 2 People, one of the most memorable marks in my electronic youth. I had a similar sensation of nostalgia when she released Go but 2 People held much more musical significance in my life than Chaka Khans Aint No body. But still, I love her incredibly twisted spin on all of these old tracks. Clearly marks of her own musical background. And this here remix… Oh Redlight… so on top of your game….

Bangin’ hook up from my Youtube Reccomendations Stream actually, rare that they link me something decent but this time round they’ve done so well that the vid ended up on the blog. Well done Youtube! Safe Hook Up!



Your thoughts?

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