Electronic Bite Fridays

Branko feat. Dominique Young Unique – Going In Hard (French Fries Remix)

Romper Stompers DO NOT come much BIGGER than this tune. Friday is about to KICK THE FUCK OFF!!

The original is a bit of a beast in its own right but it’s definitely a lil’ too glam, Balearic (in parts) and G Trap for my liking.

But this? This is another level of G. It’s G on a smooth groove cool scale and then out of nowhere a drop-ton of heavyweight, smash-the-shit-out-of-the-surrounding-area, low frequencies come pounding in like an unstoppable monster gurn.

I’ve had a couple of French Fries tunes rattling around in my collection for a few months, it’s new, it’s exciting music. A cross-breed of house, hip-hop and bass music and it touches all the right buttons for me. I decided it was time to stop dilly-dallying with just a couple of French Fries tracks and download the whole score and out of the bunch, by a long shot, this escapade, in my eyes, screams above the rest… and I fiend his other tunes.

Mr. Fries, Valentino Canzani Mora, is a French (duh) mastermind of production, combining all of the biggest music formats from across the world of clubbing, taking the UK’s Bass Music, the US’s world of Ghetto Music and of course taking it back to his roots and combining it with the power of French House. Resident DJ for Paris’ La Favela Chic at 14 and with his first release at 16 and now at 19, possibly 20, this guy really knows what he’s doing.

As for Dominique Young Unique? Can’t say I know much about her other than I immediately associated her with Trap Music, Bauuer and Azelia Banks… which was nice when I clicked on her website and saw that collection of names and terms all over the place, also including the track from my last Electronic Bite post, XXYYXX – About You.

I expect many more big things from French Fries but I expect HUGE things from this track.

Keep watching this space.

Dominiques Unique Website – www.dominiqueyoungunique.com
The French Fried Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/mrfrenchfries



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