Baman Piderman

Baman?… and Piderman…?

I know what you’re thinking!! “I don’t even need to ask you what this is to know that this is going to be really, really stupid… too stupid… and probably very immature…”


Just trust me OK…

Baman Piderman is an internet Flash series (*Sigh* “Of course it is…”) brought to us by the production group Mondo Media (TM)!

Now hold up one second!!… that name… that logo… it all seems somewhat familiar…

… Oh wait yeah!

Mondo Mini Shows!! Friendly, little, woodland critters that used to go out on fun, cuddly adventures together… and would then, through a series of unfortunately awful events, end up dying in various, horrible and gory but always funny-as-shit ways…

The Happy Tree Friends!!! (“Oh so this is where this is going…” *Double Sigh*)

I’m sure we all remember those guys?

Oh C’mon, y’know who I mean… These guys…. Always starting an episode looking like this…

and ending on a note along the lines of this…

Yeah that’s right. You remember now.

I can literally do the theme tune right now in my head; “La La, La La La La La, La La, La La La La La La, La La, La La La La La….” yeeah, good times.

I’m not quite sure when it was that I was shown these cutsie, little fur-balls getting massacred on a daily basis but I do remember a period of my life being a fan (Of the show I mean. Not a period of my life where I stood in the corner of a room, slowly turning my head from side to side whilst blowing cool air about the place…). But I’m looking at the above picture now, wondering how it was that I had the stomach at such a young age to even handle being a fan! But hey ho.

This fandom period must have been around the 2005 mark, so a good seven years ago, so let’s say I was 13… that sounds about right to be honest. What 13-year-old doesn’t like to watch a cartoon featuring classic, loveable creatures, ones that you would have witnessed throughout the stories of your childhood, but now with the more adult spin that they all get brutally slaughtered come the end of each show? It’s perfect…

Anyway, Mondo phased out of my life, as many things do and though I may have remembered the happy, lil’ tree friends from time to time, I never really thought to give Mondo Mini Shows any more of my attention.

Until the other day.

I show someone the Gamer Poop Skyrim. They come back at me with this…

OK, so the first one is so fast that you’re just left thinking… ‘Wha?’

This could be said for the second, possibly even the third, but seriously guys, trust me! The episodes get longer, characters progress, a story evolves, you get quite attached to these special little guys man… and not only that, but it’s possibly one of the funniest things that I’ve seen in a very long old time indeed!

Plus it’s made by (not to get too mushy on yo’ ass, but… lol ass butt…) a pretty sweet couple called Alex & Lindsay, who met at University whilst studying animation together. Plus Lindsay is pretty hot and she does most of the drawing which makes her double hot!

So if you don’t trust me, trust these guys. How could you not? Just look at them… n’awh…

Here’s a linky to the Baman Piderman Marathon, where you can watch the whole twenty-something minutes-worth of episodes WITHOUT STOPPING!!

Watch Da Marathon!



2 thoughts on “Baman Piderman

  1. I watch them every day, it never gets old. I love Pumkin. Spoiler alert, but he and Squib need to just get a serious relationship going. Pumkins and squibs make great couples.

    Happy Tree Friends just gives me a look into my own mind, I can’ t watch it.


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