Skyrim Poop

Say Whaaaaaaaaa!?

Gamer Poop; a humourous nerds wet dream. It’s like Cassette Boy (Follow on WordPress here and watch on Youtube there… though the guy’s been out of action from blogging since ’09 and I’ve seen nothing, video wise, since twenty eleven, he’s definitely worth checking out.) meets Sexy Gaming Parodies.

Duh-Funk you talkin’bowt Willis?

Well Mr. Coleman, I’m glad you asked…

“Jesus may walk on water, but mans1ay3r swims through land.”

mans1ay3r :Name
26 :Age
Male :Gender
NA :Location

Über-Nerd and either THE director or one of many directors involved in the massive, online, gamer-geek-fest that is Machinima. He spends his time modding the shit out of games, filming his in-game footage and then editing it all together to create either serious, but more than often not-serious, clips which he then hosts online. He’s got short stories, parodies and epic movies rocking around the entire gaming board but what interests me the most is of course… Skyrim!! And boy oh boy does mans1ay3r like his Skyrim.

mantub3 –
manground5 –
mantw1tt3r –

“Machinima is the premier online entertainment network showing trailers, gameplay, montages & original series created in video games.”

Machinma: Name
12 :Age
NA :Gender
Online :Location

Pretty much says it all in the quotation but this here place is like the Youtube Mekka for gamers of all kinds. It’s got all the latest trailers, interviews, mod updates, demo footage, funnies, conventions, news… blah blah blah nerdy blah. I’m sure that official Machinima fans could explain it to you a lot better than I could but I’m just telling you what I know.

Machinsite –
Machinitube –
Machinibook –
Machiniwitter –

So I reckon you’ve probably gathered where this post is going… mans1ay3r, something to do with Machinima, has a series titled Gamer Poop. The series is a collection of videos that feature various short stories and conversations between characters but all with the vocally chopped and spliced lunacy (usually sexy puns or just straight-up, plain-old, in-your-face sexyness… sexyness often being pretty crude and homosexual…) from the re-editing talents of mans1ay3r.

He’s targeted all the big bad boys; Resident Evil, Fallout, L.A Noire, Oblivion & Mass Effect. Which I’m sure are all quite funny. But now, now there is something that demands my attention…

lol… poop…




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