I was busy… Sheep Anyone?

Yo yo beltonamous bit-batters!

Apologies for my absence the past couple of days, I was painting some railings… yeah…

Anyway. To make up for it I offer you a couple of videos from this animator who lives in and around Brighton. And before you ask, yes, it is possible to live in and around something, especially if you’re a snake that likes to constrict and enter its prey at the same time before consuming… gross. BUT NOT AS GROSS AS THIS GUY!

Also known as this mouth thing…

I’m sure you’ve all seen ‘cows & cows & cows‘? (If you haven’t, link’s right there… and here.) The video that features a lot of cows multiplying and turning into robots and shit? Yeah well amature Tubers of the You, like myself, won’t know that the guy who made that video, Cyriak, has made fucking loads more of the fuckers! Like loads!! Since ages ago too!!

The cows were just a distraction…

He’s pretty freakin’ awesome in terms of animation, possibly deeply disturbed and troubled in terms of mental state and both feed together to create videos of a very different and interesting sort. How does he do it? Takes still images, whips em’ into Photoshop and After Effects and the end product goes crazy on your computer screen whilst making a lot of noise.

Cool isn’t it?

Here be a link to his Youtube Channel where you can watch all of his… things… www.youtube.com/user/cyriak

And here be his Website where you can watch all of his things again but with a few extra bits like links to download his music which is all fucking horrible, enjoy… /www.cyriak.co.uk



Your thoughts?

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