Electronic Bite Fridays

XXYYXX – About You

Good Facking Friday chappage!!

It’s so friggin’ sunny outside right now! So sunny and so god daymn good vibalicious!! Which is precisely why I remembered and posted this tune.

XXYYXX; Floridas incredibly young and incredibly talented minimalist producer, Marcel Everett. The little fucker’s only 16 and he’s already a master of the craft. I love him. I discovered the guy about 8 months ago, around the same time I came across Giraffage as the two had collabed together a few times in the past.

But I sort of let the mini(lol)-malist producer pass me by, casting off a few of his tunes as not quite good enough to live up to the standard of minimal and bizarre that I expect out of a good producer in the area. I was completely unaware of how many beauties the guy had actually cooked up, I pretty much saw the name XXYYXX and just thought ‘well I’ve been on The XX for a couple of years, then there’s Jamie from the group producing as Jamie XX, I’ve stumbled across another producer called XXXY from London who’s fucking sick, who’s this guy with reasonably OK tunes coming in trying to leap on the Axis producer/band wagon?… NOT ON MY WATCH!’.

I still noted his name down because, yeah, he did have some tunes worth listening to, but I wasn’t going to give him any more than that!

Anyway, a couple of weeks back, a good old chum of mine says to me “Hey man have you heard of this guy…”
“Why yes I have…” I said whilst watching curiously, with, I’m ashamed to say, skeptical eyes as the video loaded up.

And here I am and there is the video. Fucking awesome isn’t it. Jeff VASH (Director of the video) you are a hero and my days oh dilly days, XXYYXX, I’m so sorry for ever doubting you.

Beautiful minimalist music with that all American Hip-Hop inspired beat with a video filled with Technics and Hot Chics in Hi-Definition Slow-Mo, Blowing Smoke out their lungs whilst sitting in that hazy warm midday sun filled flat… man I wanna be a producer so bad.

Love Fridays x

That XXYYXX Page Yo – reliefinabstract.com/artists/xxyyxx



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