The Secret Whistle

This is what I love about the way I’ve been documenting these bands & artists. I’ve got little lists of jotted names. Remember a few, forget the majority. Come here to follow up on the lists and I rediscover this stuff all over again. And what a feeling that is.

This is an instrumental Duo, Dan Friedman and Forest Gallien, that formed during their Oregon uni days. It’s purely vinyl, live scratching, bass guitar, loop pedals and effects pads. Genre? Experimental Dub Hip Hop Electronic Down-Tempo Ambient Funk? Ah I love how genres mean so little any more.

I love their layers, I love the sound of the dusty record needle (Burial) and I love the samples. It’s broken. It’s wierd. It’s so so soulful.

Their album is called Capturing Something and it’s free… yes it’s free which means why the hell shouldn’t you download it? Even if you don’t like it. Least it didn’t cost you anything. But the honest truth is that it’ll be worth every downloading moment. 320kbps it. Flac it. Whatever you choose. It’s gon’ be high quality yo!

Get that Trip-Hop in yo veins! –

The Secret Website –



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