Roadkill Ghost Choir

Well if the name isn’t enough to make you stop and stare the music sure as hell is. A six-piece from Deland, Florida, the Roadkill Ghost Choir are a band not to be passed on by. It’s been a long old time since I’ve let this band grace my ears and by golly gosh was it like letting in a creature of unexplainable majesty, as it grabbed a hold of my sickly body and shook it back to good musical health. I’ve been listening to far too much electronic stuff recently, I’d almost completely forgotten about bands, about guitars, about haunting vocals and spine tingling chordic riffs.

What am I even waffling on about, jump on in and experience it for yourself, the water’s great…

I remember listening to these guys and immediately thinking of soft top, bee-line drives along hot dusty orange roads. Generalisation maybe but c’mon, Americana Folk Rock, what else you gonna think of?

I hope you have enjoyed my offering of the Roadkill Ghost Choir. I hope it has expanded your tastes in music by one and I leave you on another video note. The Beggars Guild. See I’m a part of the Thieves Guild on Skyrim so it’s nice to get a bit of musical insight from other guilds…



Your thoughts?

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