Obey?… Obait!

Fucking Obey….

Yes it’s old news now but people do really need to STOP wearing fucking Obey designs.

Just look at who’s wearing it now…

I mean really… c’mon man… Jesus…

A lot of people who wear Obey probably have no real idea about the throw-up (I’m talking about graffiti now not sick…) and poster artist from back in the day of the urban art form and only wear the shit because everyone who’s cool in the rave does.

A uni friend of mine was spotted many many many many months ago wearing one of the very first sightings on the Obey T in the Nottingham based Stealth rave (If you haven’t been to stealth, scrap, if you haven’t been to Nottingham for a taster of its raving culture, please go. NOW!) and he received bare Kudos and love.

But a couple months down the line, everyone’s wearing the fuckers. Mainly dickheads. And they’re wearing it thinking that they’re still being original as well. Which is even more annoying. I didn’t even really realise how annoying it was until we were wandering, tired and restless after a hard nights raving at Outlook Festival this year, back through the stoney tracks and my collection of friends started shouting in rather an aggressive style at one of these named dickheads, proudly honouring his Obey T, “Oi you’re fucking bait bruv!”… which is true.

And now (again, old news I know but seriously, it’s still funny and much more original than the original… lol trends…) Prang Out offers you this…

Oh hell yeah! Same guy who repped the Obey is the same guy who told me about these beauties… funny and a serious par on anyone bellendicio enough to rep the Obey.

Prang Out offers a wide range of pretty sweet clothing and cool art and shit but the Obait is definitely up there as the top seller. So c’mon crewage, fight the Obey war and get yourself one of these puppies: www.prangout.com/product/obait

But not too many of you! Otherwise you’ll ruin Obait as well and then someone will have to come up with a new T-Shit that’s funnier and a par on Obait. Like… Odear or something… Odeer… with a deer head… I shouldn’t be in T-shit design.

Anyway Safe and don’t be Bait.

Like this guy.




Your thoughts?

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