Falcon lake

Ok, so a while back I found this band called Falcon Lake. I believe it was a three-piece… possibly a two piece.. I’m sure it was a three-piece.
The story is (I think, less I’m talking ‘bowt my geeeeneraation! Sorry. Less I’m talking about another band…) is that three guys from Bristol go to America or Canada or somewhere nice and foresty and they get to this place called Falcon Lake. And there they canoe and fish and have a good old lad time. They get back, get some synthesizers, some geetars and other various instrumentals and get cracking on a few tunes about said lake of falcons.

The end product was amazing.

However. I’ve just returned to their various social networking zones, which I can tell you, don’t give away much, or feature hardly any content, only to find that their first few tracks (I believe there were three) are now gone! To be replaced with a little demo sample of some new November release material. I’m saddened that those other tracks are gone because they were amazing… but at the same time… this new stuff sounds just as beautiful.

Fuzzy, verby, echoey Bristol music. If Brittain’s done any good for Music, Bristol is one of those acts of goodness and one of our greatest endeavours.

And here’s that New Material Demo…

Oh that power drumming, oh that melody… I’m excited… more to come on BtB for sure.



Your thoughts?

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