Bam Spacey

Sounds like the name of a nice Middle Class or perhaps American, of whatever orientation, acoustic teen folk singer… you’d probably even guess that from the cover photo. Well let me just flip that idea upside yo head with such ferocious force that it puts your teeth inside your nose and ears on top of your eye brows!

Lausanne (That’s Lasagne in Swedish…)

Ok so there was nothing at all ferocious or forceful about that idea head flipping. It was probably the opposite, a gentle revolution around the smoothly oiled axis of your mind.

Anyway, yes! Magnus Johansson, who in 2007 began his career as Bam Spacey, is a young and incredibly Deep Swedish House producer, not of the mafia assortment, who specialises in that Deep, Disco, Ambient, Minimal, Dub House sector and boy oh boy does he command this sector well.

Currently signed to Ceremony Recordings, Bam is a man of the soul, which is something highly revered in the Bite the Belt lounge. Floating synths, spacey (obviously) patterned melodies and chimes, everything seems to move in one continuous motion in his tunes, despite the full-time house beats.

And not only does the dude pump out beauty under the name of Bam, he’s also riddled himself up another alias by the name of Inom, designed specifically for production with no genre ties. Oh Magnus, that there’s the second high reveration.

Solutes to you Spacey. Solutes to you

That Bam Spacey Page –



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