I am sick

Oh dear sweet readers…

Once again I seem to find myself in the apology seat for yet again not having given enough love and attention to this here belt that I should be a’biting on. Nibbling is probably the word I would use to describe, metaphorically of course, the amount of physical oral attention my mouth has given this fine strip’o leather. And a fine strip it is indeed.

But my excuse this time is not business, oh no! It’s because I gone done been sick this morning aint I?

This is a cartoon of being sick…


Oh the woes of being sick. Acid throat burns. Stinky puke breath. Watery eyes and running nose. The headache and bodily strain that can be caused by its convulsing hold on your very being as all that you scoffled on and guzzled down the day before is forcibly launched up your neck pipes, flamed through your soft, delicate, fleshy, raw throat tunnel and then comes blasting out in heavy flows from your gob hole. Nice. I don’t mind it to be fair. I spent a lot of my teen youth being very drunk on the weekends and I’ve never been one to hold down the drink that I consume, I can drink all night long but at some point it loves to come up again and see what all the fuss is about. More often than not it’s in the morning. And so I’m used to the routine of being sick, it’s never pleasant but I always feel a sort of sense of achievement after a good guffing up (that’s being sick by the way, guffing it, I know that to some readers a guff might be a little gastronomic explosion from the buttock cheekles but no I’m talkin’ bowt bein’ sick yuh dig dawg?) because I know that whatever it is that my body is trying to expel is probably now expelled and that I must be on my way to feeling a lot better.

This is a finger being sick…

Anyway so yeah, I had a busy bee of a weekend ‘cos I had a free house which obviously meant inviting a select group of people round for socializing, slobbing, eating junk and having fun but it has enhanced my, at the time, cold and chest infection, passed on from a sniveling sister, into some sort of uber sick fest, complete with temperature and loss of appetite. And if I lose my, normally unquenchable, appetite, that’s when people know that something’s up. My Dad mentioned something on the phone about a guy in his 30s dying of something along the lines of, cough, cold, minor temperature, dead, within 24 hours which was pretty… interesting? So yeah, hopefully I’m not going to die… cheers Dad… But yeah, busy weekend and constant socializing left me no room for blogging and being sick all day left me uninterested in writing. Also I didn’t know what the code to the new router was and I felt too sickly and feeble to go all the way downstairs and across the house to the opposite end of the building and find out what it was. Luckily, sniveling sister, through means of texting has let me in on the secret. And here I be.

This is an artist’s impression of being sick…


But yes, I’m very bored at home and now I’ve got my internettles back I’m quite excited indeed to get back and beg your forgiveness with some lovely musically postings tomorrow. I know I missed Electronic Bite Fridays and Chill the Belt Sundays so I’ve definitely got some catching up to do.

So yes my cheeky chico chonk chakkas.
Catch you on the flipside baby!

Oh yeah, and here’s a very sweet picture of what I’m like in bed at the moment…


Aww, poor me :(



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