Submotion Orchestra – Fragments

So as close friends of mine may know and you readers do not… I’m a fucking huge great Submotion Orchestra fiend.

I fiend them hard all day long. EVERY DAY! That’s not true. But I do fiend out on them with supreme fiendism. A level of fiendism much higher than that of the average fiend. They’re like my Audio Heroin… I seem to remember using this description somewhere else for something, I’m sure it wasn’t on here… I’m sure it was about Submo. Yeah I shorten down their name to Submo sometimes. It’s like a pet name… FUCK YOU!

Being a fiend of such a degree means that any new releases can be scary. I’ve loved too many things that have all of a sudden turned terrible. And I have so much love for these guys that if they turned bad I may well just end up dying. Simple as that. Luckily enough, these guys are endlessly amazing and I really don’t think that death is at all a fathomable option when listening to this here album. Unless of course it means that I might get reborn as the gorgeous front girl, Ruby Woods bra or something… that would be fine. Boob and amazing music, that’s fine with me.

Anyway, I haven’t really spoken very much about the music have I? I don’t think I ever really do. But to be honest, with this I really don’t think it’s necessary to talk about it. Just listen to it for Gods sake. Does that sound like something that requires words to describe it? Are there words to describe it?… there are but really there’s no need for them. It’s beauty on its own.

The album is as beautiful and progressively altered as all of their releases have been. In keeping the exact soul that all of their music encompasses but with a new shiny layer of electronic gloss that wasn’t as present in their earlier pieces.

Well done Submotion Orchestra. Well done.

Now if you have time, please enjoy this live performance of their previous material…



Your thoughts?

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