Electronic Bite Fridays (on a Sunday…)

Gold Panda – An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds


Getting deep and alternative with House… Techno? Doesn’t get much better than this.

So boys and gals, again I’ve been a busy bee, buzzing here and there making honey and shit. Na I haven’t really but I got meself some fine ass labouring work last week unloading thousands of boxes of raisins from the back of lorries onto pallets which then get put in the warehouse where we have to take all the raisins out of their old boxes and put them in new boxes of exactly the same size and re-stack them and put them on new lorries… yeah I don’t get it either but I get paid to do it and I’ll build up some super fruit lifting muscle so who cares aye?

Anyway my poor arms and fingers and body in general were too tired to do any blogging at all after the job had commenced so I apologise for my absence. I was being a busy bee getting my life on track and money in my pocket. But now I’m back and I’m delivering this here feature a couple days late… but that’s how I like things done here on BtB, unorganizedly… that’s not a real word :)

But yeah anyway, the feature, the tune. It’s Friday (Let’s just pretend it is anyway.) which means party time, weekend starter and to me that means clubbing… or if I had any money it would. And I aint talkin’ ’bout no bullshit Liquid & Envy night surrounded by dickheads and the smell of feet. I’m talkin’ ’bout that real shit. That electronic music baby and that sweet scene that surrounds it.

And this here track? The perfect weekend starter, the perfect set opener, the gradual introduction, the perfect mood changer, the perfect motivator of the dance floor closed eyes, head bob, finger-pointing deepness groove. Something I like to perform on a regular basis, so long as the tunes be deeper than deep.

It’s them chimes, it’s that lack of structure, it’s those chords, it’s that melody, it’s them synths, it’s that mystery of direction, it’s that tune.

Something very Justin Martin reminiscent going on on that there piece of album artwork as well…

Flowers and alternative House Music… But who got there first. This was a 2011 October release soooo…

Anyway if you fancy getting your hands on a copy of this fine piece of musical craft, clicky clicky here innit.



Your thoughts?

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