Chill the Belt Sundays

The Beloved – The Sun Rising (Tom’s Drum & Bass Mix)

1998, The Beloved release a beautiful single called The Sun Rising. Almost one whole decade later a 7″, 12″ & CD release emerge of the remixed sort and boy oh boy did they hold some beauties. Being a Drum & Bass head and having listened to the track numerous times in my childhood (Again, credit to my mum and her little collection of Chillout albums), I’m drawn to Mr Tom Middleton’s Drum & Bass spin and boy oh boy is it a floating melody of loveliness.

I love the basic production level of electronic pre-millenia music. I also love the fact that genre’s didn’t seem to have formed such restrictive rules that may subconsciously effect the producers of today. Production was still an experiment. The sounds were in a way, much more natural, a lot more use of organic samples. Me loves it. And Me loves this track.

Peace x

Jo to the Sh


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