Long Walks On The Beach

TRUE LOVE or bust / metaPhysical

You know when an artist is real shit at putting up information about themselves? With no inkling as to whether or not they are a solo, a duo, a group, a robot, a pony? It’s very annoying… but also very cool…

Anyway there’s loads of them and instead of spending a million years rooting through interviews and reviews to find out those all important deets I like to just post up their music instead…

Yes! Lo-Fi Bedroom Pop from Washington (DC… which I believe stands for Dying Cactus…).
Oo and who’s Chalice and what are they up to on the ridiculous 8bit Electro Pop Dream Donkey In Mario Exploded On Tetris style remix?

Having fun with Synthesizers I guess…

Anyway, He, Them, They, What have been making tunes since around 2008 and it’s pretty much like stepping into an old stereo and pretending you’re five again, making sand castles on a beach and then very quickly montaging your entire childhood in fast forward and fuzzy vision. Good times, feel good, Lo-Fi.

You should go on their Facebook and check em’ owt… CHECK IT!



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