The Loyal Followship Reward Post


Yes my cheeky little Belt Biters. Today I received a very special gift. A very special gift indeed.


It’s so exciting that I feel like going outside, running across the road and down into the fields opposite my house and beating those cows severely with a big old stick. Those cows that doubted me. Mooing relentlessly all through the day. They’ll be shown. Shown what a real blogger can do!!

But yeah I’ve got two funking followers. Yes! In the grand scheme of blogging that may seem like nothing at all. But to me it’s something. Two strangers that like some stuff that I say. Nice isn’t it. Like walking into the street and talking shit for a while and a couple of people stop to listen and go “Yeah I like this guy.”. Thanks followers!

Although despite having liked maybe one or two posts that I’ve posted. Post on post. I’m not sure that any followship of mine could ever enjoy 100% of my posting content. For the content do cover many a thing. Many a thing indeed. Par Example: As a reward for your kind following of my bloggins, dear followship, Bite The Belt has generated a BRAND NEW FEATURE! just for you guys… and everyone else. However, said new feature may not be to your liking whatsoever! BUT to be honest followship, it’s very much to my liking. Very much indeed. And as a loyal followship I would like to think that even if perhaps it is not something that you would normally subject yourself to, your trust in me will be enough to give it a chance.

So to you Patrick Latter and you mrhipps, I offer you out of the deepest love of my heart and very original and probably never ever done feature ever before…. (please see next post)



Your thoughts?

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