Chill the Belt Sundays (a brand new feature)

Massive Attack – Teardrop (Mad Professor Mazaruin Vocal Mix)

I will never be able to play this to you in the highest of quality as it only exists, in such a state, on the 1998 12″ release but sweet jasus (that’s pronounced yay-sus BTW) & beans isn’t it just a beaut?

The heroin fueled symphony of Massive Attack have been a part of the background soundtrack to my life from a very young age, credit to my mum, and this here haunting remix of the very well-known and highly revered Teardrop, is one of many a sublime dip into the Chillout collection that I have steadily collated from over the years.

Every Sunday I will dip deep into the smooth running waters of this collection and bring out the best in Trip-Hop, Ambient, Alternative, Lounge & Chillout (or possibly anything so long as it’s relaxed and suits my mood) and I will deliver it exclusively here to BtB.

Keep following, keep listening kids.

peace x



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