Sexy (Half) Naked Girls & House Music

Disclosure – What’s In Your Head

So this is a stupidly fucking hot fan-made video for this years up and coming and scene smashing UK house duo, Disclosure and their soul belter of a House track, What’s In Your Head.

The tune is reasonably old news now but that Stranglers live performance video of Nice N Sleazy that I popped up in that Blood post just got me thinking about sexy tunes with sexy girls in them and although a lot less natural (pubes…) these girls are all ridiculously fine and this video is beyond sexy. As friends of mine and fellow bloggers, Shit We Like (Check out their blog man, it’s sick…, so, so rightly said, in a much simpler format than me, “Sexy tune, even sexier video.”. Dun Know.

Also if you fiend out on peng new House music and fresh New Disco Vibes (Nu Disco? Neu Disco as the French would say?) and wish to be constantly updated with new bangers, subscribe to the Only Vibes Youtube channel. It’s a constant source of das peng.

DO IT! –



Your thoughts?

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