Billie Tweddle – Headlights (Ont’ Sofa Sessions)

OK so before we go ahead with this one, this girl’s 12 yeah…

Billie Tweddle – Headlights

I’ve literally just been sent this. I know nothing about this girl other than the brief Youtube vid comment reading I’ve done and what the sender has said. This is the same guy that linked me the Stranglers vid BTW. On here I suppose he looks like some sort of genius. Maybe he is. This is not how he is perceived in my day to day life. Mad is how I’d put it…

But anyway WTF, getting horribly distracted from how beautiful this tune is. I hope to God that she wrote these lyrics. She’s 12. If this is true then HERE is the genius. The shite that comes out of day time radio and then words like this on a sofa from a child… not even a teenager yet… a child… and that voice… oh dear.

The belt has been SERIOUSLY chomped down on hard when I heard this. Hairs up the back of my neck stood on end in awe and a shiver of soul sent cold, cold emotional ice down my spine. I hope this girl is being posted, shared, blogged and talked about all over and I wish her all the luck I have in a successful career in that ghastly industry that is music. She fucking deserves it.

Well done Billie Tweddle. Well done.

Billie’s Website –



5 thoughts on “Billie Tweddle – Headlights (Ont’ Sofa Sessions)

  1. Exactly! There is no explanation how a mere child can understand the complexity of the layers of what she is singing…and the notes…not just any notes, anybody can write a tune…but wow, the jumps and humps and goosebumps are for real. Is She??? a grandmother, wow, I’d be her’s in a heartbeat.


    • I have a sneaking fear that someone else may have wrote the song but I hope that it was her. It’s so raw, so powerful, so beautiful. Glad you liked the tune, keep watching this space for all things amazing in music.


      Josh x


      • It is so nice to know that 2 eyes actually read my thoughts, thank you for the validation. I would like to know much more about this young woman. I have seen prodigies in other forms who can paint Heaven because they see it. Perhaps Billie is one of the Rainbow/Crystal Children that we Energetic Level humans know exist (and are not too secretly envious of their gifts, haha).
        Blessings on you Josh, you made my day.


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