MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, Money, Money, Money, money, money, money, money money money…..

I Need Some Sweet Wong


I am so, so, so, sooooo bored of not having money. So bored. So tired of it. But I just can’t seem to be arsed to do anything about it…

Tonight I travel, with an ensemble of lads to go celebrate my best boy’s 21st. And guess what?
I’m doing it penniless… again.
Just like I did Outlook Festival, just like I did Global Gathering, just like I did Glade, just like I did on my own Birthday, just like I scraped through on Christmas, just like I have done for the past three or four years?

It’s not good. My car’s gone. My decks are gone. My drive to do anything is very increasingly becoming gone.

VSO. Heard of that? Means come the new year I think I’m gunna go away for a few months. Live in somewhere with literally no money, help out, see what happens.

Hopefully by the time I’m back I’ll be on my way to grabbing a set of these…


And these…


See what happens aye…



Your thoughts?

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