In other news… HOUSE MUSIC: Gadi Mizrahi aka Baby Prince ‘Nobody’ EP

Oh sweet savoury mother of Jesus… this EP…

Hello Belt Biters, welcome back to music… welcome fucking back!

Sooo I heard a track called Lonely C by a sexafying Boston house collective, Soul Clap, a few years back on the BBC Radio1’s Review show. The tune was different, sad, groovy, deep, weird. I loved it. Found out where it lived in EP land and downloaded it. Belonged to a compilation EP from a release group called DJ Kicks. I’ve recently been downloading the whole DJ Kicks Discography on account of the Lonely C resided EP being fucking sick. Turns out DJ Kicks is a weird blend of Techno, Deep House, Alternative Funk House.. whatever.. I don’t know. On the whole, It’s very left-field and also very weird.

So when I see that Mixmag has posted up an EP with a track in it by Lonely C… I’m a little confused but obviously intrigued. I find out that Charles Levine, one of the Soul Clap members, has titled himself as Lonely C… probably because L.C is such a ping tune.

Anyway, I see the EP. I jump in. OH I LOVE JUMPING IN!

I think one of the main reasons that I love exploring House Music so much, is that I know shit all about it. Despite having been a sideline listener for just over half a decade, I’ve never devoted any time into researching the genre, despite always loving it so.

Oh shit and yeah Miguel done a remix of the EP title n’all and as you can see/hear above… it too is also ping.

The whole track collective is ping… ping to the ping-peng Po-Po panaiya tree… I think that’s where they grew it.

Don’t you just love new music?

Don’t you just love music?

Freshies in the bag. Now I feel prepped for Notts tonight. Money or no money, I’ve got that sweet sweet peng… and that’s all that matters…



Your thoughts?

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