I write funny status’s on Facebook.

Can never write them long enough though because there’s a cap on how many words you can use in one status. This is why I’ll never get on with twitter, I don’t tweet, I boom out like a thousand year old war horn, carved from the hollow ridged bone of a giant dinosaur, thrumming from the gates of hell across the battle field for hours and hours and hours until the sound has drained everyone in it’s path. Those that survive are amused and dare to test the next noise, see if they can withstand it’s length of note.

Facebook lifts it’s status word cap. I can freely write status’s as long as I like? Booyah! And as long as I like they do become. Heeeeench status’s, furious rants, endless ramblings, essays about nothing. Oh I loved it. Most people just looked at the fact that they had to click on ‘continue reading’ and would fob them off but a select few seemed to fiend it. I felt a little serge of online popularity amongst my friends, bumping into peeps you haven’t seen in a while, or people you don’t really know…except for of course being friends on Facebook (where true friends live) and they’d say “Oh I always love reading your status’s, they’re so funny…”. This obviously isn’t the first thing they say but it pops up in those first few moments. Silly and minute as it is I suppose it kinda meant something to me.

It got to the point where there were just too many of these rants, flowing too frequently from my profile and really Facebook just isn’t the place for such waffle. And so my mini readership would tell me, “You should start a blog.” But lazy as I am, the blog never came…

… Until of course now and here we find Bite the Belt. My little slice of me online. A much more acceptable place for my waffling, where my Facebook readers, if they’re not as lazy as me, can follow my status links here to read my silliness and of course I here have the bonus of reaching a new audience! The people I don’t know… oo saucy! Going global… oo business man! It’s exciting stuff.

But yeah I’ve built the blog, here it is, I did as you asked, but a few weeks in and it’s all escalated once more. “Oh Josh you should really write a book!”………………



The fuck do you think I am!!?!?!?!? You think I have time for a book!?!?!? (The answer is, yes Josh, yes you have hours and hours and hours and hours each day to write a book…) You think I don’t have more important things to do!?!?!?! (No…) You think I like writing!?!?!?! (Yes…) YES I LOVE WRITING!!!!!! I PROBABLY SHOULD WRITE A BOOK!!! I HAVE ACTUALLY ALWAYS WANTED TO WRITE A BOOK!!! I WILL WRITE A BOOK!!! I’VE STARTED MANY BOOKS IN MY TIME… JUST ASK MY UNI FRIEND ALICE (THE ONE WHO WENT OUT WITH THE CAMP GUY GIRL ON THE FIRST UNI NIGHT) BECAUSE HE KNOWS. HE HAD TO READ THEM ALL. YES ALICE IS A HE. ALICE IS HIS NICK NAME.

Wow. No but seriously guys. Flattered that you think I should write a book. Always have loved writing. Probably will write some sort of book at some point. In the mean time, I’ve got a lot of unfinished books and stuff on my lappy as it is. Think I’m gunna have to start making sections for this here blog.

Here is where I will start thinking of them…

So I’m gunna post a lot of music still of various genre’s.

Though I’m thinking I kind of want to keep all my Drum & Bass and electronic posts separate to all my softer, indie, folky, bandy stuff so I need two sections there.

Then there’s all my rants… that’s another section.

Then there’s all these stories and opening chapters of books that I’ve written.. that’s another section.

Oh and there’s all the CheeseBall 3000 stuff that I still need to revive… that’s another section.

Sooo what’s that? Like five sections? I’m sure there’s more but I can’t really remember. Either way. If you’re reading…welcome to the early stages :)

The moulding process, the beginning, the baby learning how to walk and categorize it’s babbles.

Stay tuned tunas!

Peace x



Your thoughts?

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