Sonic Tramp – With You

OK so I’m a bit of a softy for that whole area of Synth-Pop/Indie-Electro “MGMT” stuff…

I’ve got certain friends that are gunna be like “Wha?” because yes it is a very happy, fun-times, feel-good, woo woo partay! style of sound  and yes that’s normally not my sort of thing but… MAYBE I LIKE GOOD TIMES AND SAYING WOO AND PARTAYING SOMETIMES TOO!!

It doesn’t always have to be dark and deep… this is deep on a different level…

Sonic Tramp – With You

Purchase that track here…

Go on, give that Tramp some moneys.

I dunno what it is about this whole area of music but I feel like it’s only within the Synth laced Pop confines of this genre that you can pull off the really happy, feel good, hug your mate, go to the beach, explore, wooooooo! feeling without being horribly cheesey and shite… I can comfortably say “I love it.” And like any genre, there’s a hell of a lot of wank in it but this tune is up there in the selection of the finest.

A pub chum of mine, Wagdog as I like to call him, whether he knows it or not, makes a lot of mad sounds, some dark, some deep, some happy and some very left-field… his latest and possibly greatest release, With You, is definitely a banger in the closer field of good times electronic emotive greatness.

The video is lovely as well, it’s not gay that I say lovely either because it is. It’s a compilation of various peoples clips that have been compiled (obviously) into one long vid. Nice because I know a few faces and scenes in it and nice because it’s got such a home made, brought together, chums all mucking in feel to it which completely compliments the whole aura of the song and emotions that come with it.

Nice one WagTramp… nice one.



Your thoughts?

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