I Do Music Too Yeah?

Done a lot of Ranting & Waffling haven’t I? Not enough Music is there?

Sorry guys, you’d expect, from the guy who loves music and also loves writing, a lot of writing about music… and maybe some music about writing. Either way, I feel the blog has been very unbalanced. Heavily weighted on the literature side and wagging helplessly above is the music section. Terrible.

So I re-post a post I posted many a post ago on my Facebook.. then again on my first blog… and now here.

It was the first post inspired by my recent position as a talent scout and the first post that really made me think, “yeah I should start a blog.”. Plus the tracks in it still push my buttons severely so here it is again, for the third time around…



01. Aaron Thompson – Experimental Indie Folk from the East Cost (I assume of the USA). His lyrics are deep like his music is a mass of subtle, grey washed country colour… I don’t know if that makes any sense but if you listen to his music you should know what I mean. It’s sad, it’s thought provoking, it’s haunting and it’s just downright fucking beautiful. Listen to EVERYTHING that this guy has to offer.

Aaron Thompson – A Record, A Wheel


The man’s website – aaronthompson.us


02. Giraffage – Charlie Yin (Asian perhaps?), otherwise known as Giraffage is a San Francisco boy who’s Facebook Bio genre’s him as “Dreampop, Electronic.”
Fuck that, this kid has got some mad shit electronic Grime/Hip-Hop style drums compiled with loads of floating ambient synths and pads and OK maybe that pretty much is what a lot of Dreampop is but where as I don’t enjoy a lot of that stuff, I’m loving all of Giraffage’s craft. And if his solo sounds weren’t proof enough that he’s amazing, I’ll drop that he’s collabed with Ambiance hero XXYYXX which says it all, this guy is going somewhere and with a bit of luck we’ll be doing all the PR for the American popster some time soon.

Get positively optimistic through this head-in-the-clouds-teen style master of electronic dreams… that should be his title caption.

Soundcloud Bitch!! www.soundcloud.com/giraffage

Giraffage – Money:

Giraffage – Feels:

Website Hoe!! www.giraffage.com


03. Cold Specks – One of those bands that have no trace of band information such as influences, members or genre despite having various bio sections of their multiple social networking platforms. The only idea I have about their origin (being to lazy to actually research properly) is that they are from London/Toronto, so they’re either from Toronto living in London, visa-versa or they’re both… somehow… either way, think acoustic, folk sound sprinkling, rusty home grown female vocals and songs that can make you do nothing more than either sit starry eyed with your jaw hanging loose or just close your eyes and nod that silent nod of appreciation in their general direction knowing for well that they can hear your brain crying with gracious adoration “Yes Cold Specks. Yes.”

They’ve done the Jools Holland dance and I obey the laws of Holland in that all those who grace his floor of musical mastery are, without a second’s consideration, masters of music, be their mastery current, something of the past or talent to come. But with Cold Specks, there’s no shadow of a doubt that it’s been mastery since the second they even started thinking about music. Check it.

Cold Specks – Lay Me Down (Later With Jools Holland)

The Cold Website… coldspecks.com


04. Here We Go Magic – A Brooklyn Quartet of endless fun. Found these guys on a blog, their reason for being there? Cheering people up on Monday. I know, I know, it’s Tuesday… well it was when I started writing this thing… it’s Wednesday now, but this Monday of cheer was months ago so don’t get eggy (lol Adam) OK?

No but seriously, my brain was mulching from mass amounts of sound and Here We Go Magic, with their single How Do I Know and the video to join, was a breath of real eye opening, soul tickling, back patting, smile forming fresh air.

Tropical Indie Pop is their thang, but I don’t really know, I know shit all about the whole band side of music, all I know is these guys are stupid fun and I wanna do a dance with my hands in the air in a cool place in fast forward whenever I hear their shit.

The video that cheered up Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and the rest of the year. Here We Go magic – How Do I Know

Pengness Supreme isn’t it?

Well that’s the first of a lot to come… perhaps if you’re good I might post up some freshies later on today… or in a minute.. sweet jesus I’m one active mo-fucker today!

Safety x



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