From Croatia to Devon

Aye’ Up my tasty Chucks.

As you know, or perhaps you don’t, I can’t remember if in my last post I mentioned that my long absence from chomping on any tasty new bits of waist-leather was due to a musical escapade to Croatia? If I didn’t… now you know.

Anyway, I came back, I lay in my bed for a few days in a daze (in a maze, looking through a haze and thinking of ways to come back and graze on the fruits of life and gaze into the depths of my mind hoping for a raise… terrible rhyming truth) and then I popped back here to explain myself and promised a whole hearted return…

This didn’t happen, I was very swiftly swept off to a new seaside destination. From the crystal clear waters of the hot Adriatic coast, raving my balls off, fisting the air like the dirty bass whore she is, I now find myself making light small talk and putting on a slightly posher voice as I am submerged into full family birthday weekend away activities in a seaside setting of a much more grey and windy sort.

Pasties, clotted cream, scons, jam, fish & chips, body boarding, sand castles and card games in the evening… that’s right, it’s the county that will never accept that it isn’t Cornwall… Devon… though what they lack in official Cornish dairy products and pastry meat monsters they make up for in custard… not that I’ve been offered or seen any.

But yes I have quite litteraly gone from two very different holiday spectrums and I have been horribly distracted from my sweet, sweet blog. Oh sweet precious blog. So to you readers… reader? And to you blog, I’m very, very, very sorry and I promise that I will be back soon :)

And as a part of my official appolagie, I give you a tune that I’ve kinda rinsed for a while to all me mateys but the live setting of this here preformance is a complete capture of the sort of duney beachy pengness that I’ve been strolling these past couple of days…

Dun Know the Pengness…

Dry The River – Shaker Hymns



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