Snoop Lion, Clacton and Drum & Bass Classics…

Related News? I fucking think so!

Sooo some very recent news in the area of Clacton (our proud Essex little seaside shite-hole) reminded me of some slightly less recent news and of how ridiculous I felt about said news. This news being… Snoop Lion.


The legend that we all loved for so long suddenly went crazy.

We all know the story and though some people are still trying to defend him, I say slap him. I never thought I’d say it but someone needs to give Snoop DOGG a slap.

Anyway, how is Snoop Dogg rising again as the B. Marley man in any way related to a poor south-eastern excuse for a coastal town like Clacton?

Well because there’s a Lion running around there somewhere… well it’s not quite Clacton… it’s actually running around somewhere in St. Osyth but if you wanna get picky about which unknown Essex town you’re talking about… anyway. Snoop Lion, lion in Essex… you get me?

They say it escaped from a circus or something but who gives a fuck where it came from? All I care about is who it might possibly eat and what other mischief it might get up to. You scampery lion you!

But anyway, yeah, Holy Shit! A lion on the loose, it’s a classic thought, but wow it’s actually happening! Genuinely exciting stuff!

Listen to what this resident man had to say about his day and the Lion…

“Do you not think that you could have mistaken this Roar for a Foxe’s Cry?”… jesus fucking christ.

So anyway, we’ve got one of these on the loose…


Horrible isn’t it? I hope it doesn’t try to make any of the confused and scared residents of the Clacton area listen to one of its brand new “reggae” compositions, they may be slightly backwards and a little filthy over in St. Osyth but no one deserves that.

Anyway, how does any of this relate to old Drum & Bass?

Well because Lion’s are from the same place that DnB is from… the Jungle. Loose connections and poor research, that’s what we’re all about here at BtB.


So yes, all these stories fully reminded me of a post that I wanted to post today anyway…

In the past few months I have been introduced and re-educated in House music, in the terms of all this New Disco shit. I’ve been enjoying the rolling rhythms of House music for years but have never really spent any time researching or keeping up to date with the genre. However the joys of university connections brought me in contact with New Disco, a new (obviously), completely twisted and insanely spun production of House Music with influences of all genres, a lot of it being Disco (obviously), smashing into one scene.

One of the fronting faces, for me, in this new arena of House is US producer Justin Martin. According to Resident Advisor he learned to play the Pots & Pans at the tender age of 2 and he’s now a DJ. What a tale of heart warming heroism and gut wrenching anguish. I really can’t be arsed to research any more into this guy today anymore than that but I really don’t need to, his music speaks for him.

First J Martin track I heard… suffice to say I was blown away and hooked from the start.

BUT HOLD THE PHONE!!!! I swear I said Drum & Bass? You swear I did too? Something about Snoop Dogg and a Lion all living in a Jungle listening to Drum & Bass together or something? I’m sure I did too, so you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about House Music. What I forgot was that my Jungle section was actually just a step towards what I wanted to talk about… which was a House… don’t worry, it’ll all make sense soon.

So anyway, Justin’s made a fair few bangers that have boggled the balls out of my face and brain for a while now. But it wasn’t until I was shown his album, Ghettos & Gardens (GO BUY IT NOW), the other day that my brain’s balls were boggled even further. My appreciation for this guy went up tenfold when I found out that he’d remixed a tune that isn’t just by one of my fave producers in D&B of all time but also an absolute Drum & Bass Classic in it’s own right. My boggling brain balls were on the brink of bogbrainalising to nothing more than misshapen squares that barely represented balls at all.

Goldie, the man behind one of Drum and Bass’s most influential albums of all time, Timeless (GO FUCKING BUY IT NOW ON VINYL RELEASE OR NOT AT ALL), and owner of one of Drum & Bass’s oldest and biggest labels, Metalheadz, is a hero of mine and legend beyond no measure. He’s been in the game since day and when word reached me that Justin Martin had flipped out a remake of old skool belter and euphoric Jungle classic (Ahh see, Snoop Lion… Lion in Clacton…) Kemistry… words cannot describe what went through my head. The wonders of what in dog’s name the tune would sound like and if it would work, would it be a ruin? Would it be a masterpiece? Deep House? Tech House? Justin Martin un-generable House? BREAKBEAT!?!? Two producers of massive scale in completely different electronic areas… what would happen?

So before I show you, let’s start first off by appreciating the original in all it’s amazing Goldie glory. What more do you want from a track than a girl singing about Coming Down?

The answer to that question clearly being “Nothing, nothing at all.”

And the answer to the question of “what would happen? (When Justin done a Remake)” is this…

….beautiful isn’t it. *

* (no question mark because I wasn’t asking, I was telling.)



Your thoughts?

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